Universal Credit Chaos – Roll-Out Failure

Benefit Worries

The Universal Credit Roll-Out is in chaos.

Tory backbenchers in Parliament have called for a pause before the entire system collapses.

Ladywood has the highest claimant rate in Birmingham of 10.3% of the population claiming Universal or Jobseekers Credit.

Gareth Hardy, Soho and Jewellery Quarter Campaigner said;

“The government could be defeated if it does not pause the failed roll-out of Universal Credit.”

“The roll-out has been an utter failure so far, with many claimants waiting over two months for their first payment and some relying on loans to survive – ever tried getting a loan when you are on benefits and struggling? Rent arrears among universal credit claimants are also through the roof.”

“The Liberal Democrats initially supported Universal credit when in coalition because it promised to make work pay.”

“Sadly, under this Tory Government it has been cut to shreds, leaving families worse off and with weaker incentives to find work.”

Are you having problems getting your Universal Credit?

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