Parliamentary Boundary Changes: Sutton Coldfield

There are too many MP’s in Parliament, with a huge difference in the number of constituents each MP represents.

For the next general election the number of MPs is being cut from 650 to 600. This means that some constituencies are going to disappear and many of those remaining will have more electors. The Boundary Commission have now published their report and are proposing changes to the Sutton Coldfield and Erdington boundaries.

Birmingham Erdington will expand and gains the electors who live in Castle Bromwich ward of Solihull Borough. Erdington also gets Sutton New Hall ward from Sutton Coldfield. Sutton Coldfield itself gets Kingstanding ward from Erdington in compensation and will now consist of Four Oaks, Kingstandng, Trinity and Vesey wards. This arrangement splits up the historic Royal Borough area. The Boundary Commission have to try and equalise the number of voters in every Parliamentary constituency without regard for local authority or former political boundaries.

I agree with the changes in principle, but have grave concerns with splitting up the historic Sutton Coldfield!


    • I fail to see the need in the changeover of wards. Both constituencies fall within the criteria set by the Boundary Commission as they are. I have sent my feedback.

  1. No changes should be made without the consent of the majority of people in the affected areas — we are supposed to live in a democracy! The idea of arbitrarily taking part of an area out of that area and sticking it in another is ludicrous.

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