NHS Reform

NHS LogoI have great respect for the NHS. But I am also aware that the country, especially areas like Sutton Coldfield, have an ageing population. The NHS is already struggling to cope and some type of reform is needed.

The Liberal Democrats have been working hard on amendments to the health secretary Andrew Lansley’s NHS plans. David Cameron continues to deny that the Conservatives intend to privatise the NHS, even when his colleagues say the complete opposite See this BBC Article

The Conservative proposals need to be scrapped or face some fundamental changes to make sure key NHS Services are not put at risk.

Most people understand that the NHS needs to change. The ageing population and the costs of its own success make the existing system unworkable.

Shouldn’t we be looking at more care by GPs and nurses to try and avoid the expensive hospital care? In the last years of life many patients would have died in a sterile hospital, but are now being cared for in hospices. This is a welcome and positive change. This is the type of reform we need to be doing.

The brand new £26million ward block at Good Hope Hospital will soon open. The modern, cost effective four storey building has been designed to develop and improve patient services. This type of expenditure must continue to ensure the services for the people of Sutton Coldfield are upheld at the high level we already experience.

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