Liberal Democrat Food Waste Motion to Council

Birmingham’s Liberal Democrat Council Group have put the following motion to the Council for debate on Tuesday 9 January.

“This Council notes that:

1) UK households were estimated to throw away 7 million tonnes of food each year in 2012
2) The total cost of the food wasted in the UK is equivalent to 6 meals per household per week or £470 per year
3) Food wasted in the UK has a major environmental impact. It takes 19,000km2 of land to grow and produces Green House Gas emissions equivalent to 17million tonnes of CO2, equivalent to those produced by 1 in 4 UK cars
4) A two week survey in 2016 showed that food waste makes up 48% of the total waste collected in Birmingham
5) Collecting food waste has been shown to reduce the amount of food wasted, bringing environmental and cost benefits
6) A Parliamentary report into food waste in 2017 recommended that: “Local authorities must look at the opportunities to introduce separate food waste collections when new waste contracts are put in place.

Council therefore regrets that the Waste Strategy 2017-40, agreed by Cabinet in October 2017, rules out Council-led food waste recycling.

Council further resolves that the Waste Strategy 2017-40 be amended, so that it does not explicitly exclude Council-led food waste recycling initiatives, and instead prioritises the development of options for a Council-led food waste collection trial.”

Proposed by Cllr Roger Harmer

Seconded by Cllr Morriam Jan

1) Waste Resources and Action Plan (WRAP)
2) Birmingham City Council (2016)
3) Report of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee (2017)

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