Leaked Brexit Docs – Government Has Weak Negotiating Hand

Commenting on the newly leaked document that shows that the EU is preparing for its post-Brexit trade negotiations with the UK, while refusing to discuss the matter with the British government.

Gareth Hardy, Soho and Jewellery Quarter LibDem Candidate says;

Brexit affects us and our neighbours. Costs will go up and travel will be more difficult. Theresa May’s government’s internal battles are weakening their hand in Europe. Every report of a Cabinet split destabilises our negotiating team and strengthens the position of the EU negotiators.

We are in a position where the negotiators are going to have to fight for Britain. There is a chronic lack of anything positive coming out of these talks. Both sides share blame for the deadlock and both sides will be harmed if Britain crashes out of the EU with no deal.

The UK government needs to make a convincing offer on EU citizens’ rights, the financial settlement and provide clarity over the Northern Ireland border.

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