Emmanuel Road Cherry Trees

It has been reported to me by a concerned resident, and mentioned in local papers, about the

Cherry Blossom
Image: Arvind Balaraman / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

destruction of a number of cherry trees on Emmanuel Road, Wylde Green.

Apparently Amey, on a works instruction from the City Council, cut down a number of healthy cherry trees, severing their trunks at waist height on 16th May.

The trees were planted only four years ago and are reported to have been in perfect health and not causing an obstruction.

I will investigate with the council and find out why the trees were cut down.

The council statement on Urban and Suburban trees is:

Birmingham City Council is fully committed to caring for its trees to ensure they continue to thrive for the benefit of the people and wildlife in Birmingham. Management and maintenance of Birmingham’s trees is to a high standard to make sure all the City Council’s duties and legal responsibilities are met.

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