Crime: Jewellery Quarter Good News Stories

Sent via WMNow by James Ashcroft (Police, Sergeant, Ladywood) 

To help alleviate some of the doom and gloom. We have had several recent good news stories. Which I feel are important to share so you can see what work your local team and wider Police departments have been up to that directly affect the Jewellery Quarter.

Firstly, in respect of the previously circulated appeal for the Gold Craft Robbery – I am pleased to share with you that a suspect was not only identified, he has been arrested, charged and remanded to prison to await trial. This individual was charged with several other offences over a wide geographical area, which is a great testament to the tenacity of Investigators as Crime has no borders, with all reports being dealt with by the one team.

Secondly, a male within the past week has been arrested for a historic sneak in Burglary Other offence on the Jewellery Quarter. This male was identified by local officers from CCTV evidence and we worked with Investigators to ensure that he was swiftly apprehended. The male proved to be elusive but we maintained efforts to locate him and I am please to say that he has since been arrested, charged and subsequently found guilty at court. He is currently serving a prison sentence.

I am aware that one our vehicle offender targets was arrested on the City Centre for a smash and grab vehicle offence within the past week. He was subsequently charged for the offence and for also breaching his Criminal Behaviour Order. Again he has been remanded to prison to await trial. So this may well have a positive impact on the Quarter.

Another one of our vehicle crime targets who was highlighted to us by our Neighbours from Soho NHT has also been arrested on Tuesday 30/05 for recall to prison and a vehicle offence on the Soho area. He has subsequently been charged and remanded for the vehicle offence, whilst he has been recalled to prison for breaching his Prison Licence conditions. We had suspected him of a JQ smash and grab but he was eliminated from the Investigation.

Finally following some intervention work and sign posting to local charities, we have noticed a reduction in demand in and around St Paul’s Square and Clement Street where we had been receiving multiple calls of homeless persons tailgating into the blocks and sleeping in the communal areas. I am pleased to say that I bumped into two of the homeless persons we had previously found within the affected blocks the other night and they have now been placed in temporary accommodation at the Salvation Army. Which is great to hear.

Hopefully the above examples highlight that we are looking at all levels of Crime and wider Police demand that affect the Jewellery Quarter. The successful enforcement / intervention as above will hopefully have a positive impact on reported crime and calls to the Police over the next month or so. Which will free up more time for us and allow us to move onto to other areas of business.


As always stay safe, stay positive and remain vigilant to what is out there but be reassured that we will try our best to ensure a safer JQ for us all.

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