Birmingham Teachers Plugging the Funding Gap

Education spending cuts are forcing many schools to dramatically reduce the amount they spend on supply teachers.

A local teacher reports that teachers are plugging the funding gap;

All class teachers are entitled to a half day each week to prepare and mark lessons. In the past schools have typically brought in supply teachers to cover classes during this time. Spending cuts have been forcing head teachers to make alternative arrangements. In some schools a ban on hiring supply staff means that teachers who normally work with children who need extra support are being asked to cover classes instead.

Other schools are sending children home at lunchtime on Fridays, however to ensure that children do not have less time in class they are extending the normal school day by opening earlier and finishing later. This arrangement means that class teachers are increasing their own working time by over two hours a week or an extra two weeks work over the course of an academic year.

So teachers, are working more for less.

The Liberal Democrats produced the most reliable costed budget with billions extra returned to the education budget.

We cannot let the education system fail, our future depends on the next generation

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